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We are constantly investing thought and love in the design of “Puaa”

The place is full of ornamental objects, Nostalgic pieces
and a lot of authenticity

As an integral part of the flea market, we recycle and return to life-
Carpets, serving dishes, pictures, maps, vases and furniture

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The special experience can come back home with you

With a smile, mutual respect, sincerity and trust that lead us
There is a sense of home and pleasant hospitality

A house in the bustling heart of the city

At the heart of the flea market is Puaa, a unique cafe-restaurant that opened at the end of 1998.
The Puaa restaurant is a charming corner, an old and beloved nature reserve where you can breathe and rest from the rhythm of Tel Aviv.
The place is proof that love, service consciousness, and cooperation in doing good allows every person to appear in all his glory.

In 2017 the Shifra deli was established from within Puaa’s home. you can find a variety of tasty and quality products, excellent wine and special flowers, all carefully selected just for you.

Order now! shifra delivery all the way to you, within 3 hours of your order.

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All items for sale!
Opening hours
Sunday to Thursday 9am to 12pm
Fridays 9am to 6pm
Saturdays we are closed
Phone number
Rabbi Yohanan 8 Jaffa’s flea market
Tel-aviv-yafo Israel
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